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Car Accident Leads

At NorthStar Growth Marketing, we really care about your success and work hard to help our clients.

We want to team up with Car Accident Law Firms to help them grow. If that’s you, we’re here to help you get more motor vehicle accident leads – with a robust guarantee. Want to talk about it? Give us a call!


Our Clients Share Their Thoughts


“I’ve been buying leads for 20 years, spending millions, and NorthStar Growth Marketing’s leads are some of the best.” – Jonathan R, CEO

“NorthStar Growth Marketing helped us find the right clients who really needed legal help. They did exactly what they promised!” – James M, California Marketer

“NorthStar Growth Marketing was really important in helping my law firm get back on its feet after COVID-19.” – Tracy G, Michigan Attorney

How We Work

1. We create leads through our ethical and TCPA compliant digital marketing.

2. We screen each lead through long digital lead forms to increase the likelihood these leads are really good and right for your firm.

Leads are exclusive and guaranteed to fit the following criteria:
– have been in a motor vehicle accident
– be within the statute of limitations
– have never worked with an attorney or settled their case before
– was injured and sought treatment
– was not placed at fault

3. We offer a robust lead guarantee and return policy. Your success is our success, so we’re always looking out for you.

Leads We Offer

We deliver guaranteed motor vehicle accident leads. We offer Guaranteed Motor Vehicle Accident Leads at a much lower rate than you might be used to, better results, better return on investment, and we’ve got something to prove.
There is no state that we can’t set up our clients to get a 15% to 25% case sign up rate. Receive:

Car Accident Leads
Truck Accident Leads
Motorcycle Accident Leads
Big Rig Accident Leads
Rideshare Assault Leads

About Us​

Only Pay Per Lead
One of our recent Partner Law Firms purchased 400 leads and signed up 88 cases in less than 4 months – a 22% conversion rate!! Contact us to see what we can do for you.

We’re a team of hardworking, good people. Want to know more? Book a call with our founder, Dan Gilmour.


We’re Experienced
Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in digital marketing. You can trust us to use your marketing money well.

We’re Ethical
There’s a lot of bad marketing out there. We make sure all our work follows the rules to keep our clients safe.

We’re Cutting Edge
We’re always trying new things to stay ahead in digital marketing and get great results for our clients.

We’re Transparent
Good communication is key. We’re here to partner with you and will always be open and communicate well.

Dan Gilmour


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Operations Lead

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Lead Generation Specialist

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Lead Generation Specialist

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Client Success Manager

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Car Accident Leads By NorthStar Growth Marketing
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